Sunday, 7 October 2012

Lonerism by Tame Impala

Rated: Lucy in the Sky

Just sit and relax or you can psycho dance. This is band's second album and is even better than first one, a bit more instrumental and relaxed, from start to end it will lift you and put you to float in the clouds.

With a vintage vibe that reminds to The Beatles and the brightness of high quality from the 00's  the album have the perfect blend to make one of the most interesting and enjoyable of the year. The Album easily transports you to the 1960 psychedelia with songs like 'Be Above It'   'Endors Toi' or  the most dance-y 'Keep on Lying'. And another good thing is the way the songs are  twisted to sound a bit more modern and less rusticity and rockness of the previous album, which was fine at the time but now feels a bit old.

The perfect balance of voice and instruments is reflected in every song, not much voice, maybe, but if there was more it could be annoying. The music just flows by it is impossible to stop listening a song in full, although some have weird cuts and take slightly different  ways, like 'Sun’s Coming Up' which is a magnificent end to the record as well, but probably this little twists are what make the album intriguing and not boring at all.  The music never overtakes the voice which is more like another instrument among the others, never too high never behind.

Even though the album is more relaxed and trippy than their debut album the essence is not lost, and this album has reminders to previous work  like the song 'Why Won’t They Talk to Me? ', a brilliant more rocky tune. Fortunately the whole record is listening to a band that have improved and know how to mix everything to deliver the best of them.

To Listen: Sun’s Coming Up,Keep on Lying,Apocalypse Dreams,Why Won’t They Talk to Me?, Be Above It
Avoid: Nothing 

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