Sunday, 30 September 2012

The 2nd Law by Muse

 RATED: Meat is Murder 

Somehow this eclectic album is a disgusting pop explosion of rubbish but at the same time has something that charms you. Muse are updated, which is good, the album is entertaining but in some parts you want it gets hideous and make you lose patience.

The band, don't know if it's on propose, take a too comercial fad-pop road on this album, has too much theatrical  aspects like in a Glee homage episode to Lady Gaga. The record has bit too much 'epicness' and scifi-orquesta madness , a mess that makes the Queen tribute band is losing their essence  except for a very few Muse songs like 'Madness' ,which is very good, or 'Animals' which is a bit more edgy from what we are used to and both songs are like a modern version of Muse and how everything should sound on the album.The album starts with the overdone 'Supremacy' and the theatrical sound explodes more in songs like 'Survival' (worst Muse song ever) and keeps on twisted to dubstep in 'Follow Me' that sound a lot like a song which I can't remember and is also very 1970's dance. The problem is that the album mostly sounds too forced or too acted and doesn't sounds easy like in band's anterior works is very cinematic and somehow explosive but not in a rock way.

Unfortunately good songs on the album are the ones that sound like others bands or rip-off's like 'Explorers' which is a mix of sampling Queen with a Radiohead but in a lullaby version of muse and is the song that connects this album with previous one. 'Save Me' is also a nice song that sound like another band as much as 'Liquid State' but this one is sweet-hard-pop that could be rubbish but has a charm and a familiar sound. Other song that is a lot like queen 'Panic Station' which has an amazing sound, perhaps Muse want to make notice their influences but the thing is you don't copy your idols you have to reinvent them play with the inspiration and create something unique like they did.

The Album has a very like a Christmas record, every song has a cheesy intro and you don't what to expect although you know is going to be somehow familiar and warm. Also the songs crashes with each other, the album just doesn't flow at all theres a Robbie Williams-ish, 'Big Freeze', clashing with
'The 2nd Law's: Isolated System' that sounds like a hyper video game version of Coldplay and both songs fighting with a theme of holidays corny film instrumental intro which is "Prelude". But definitely the album is amusing with all those twists it takes, you could never be boring just lost and scared.

To Listen:Madness,Save Me,Explorers,Panic Station
Avoid:The 2nd Law: Unsustainable,Follow Me,Supremacy,Survival

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