Sunday, 16 September 2012

Battle Born by the Killers

Rated (I can't get no) Satisfaction

The Killers are back and a bit too far away from their last album and a little to close to their origins and beginning but weak, or at least big part of it.

At the start of this album is very mixed and with no direction, "it is going to be a Scissor Sisters dance and Christmassy  album like the first track 'Flesh and Bone'?  or it something a bit Brandon Flowers' Flamingo like the single 'Runaways'?" , those are the first thoughts to the album but at least they start changing as the album progress and gets better.

The Album has a very weak part that almost kills the essence of The Killers. It seems like the band tried really hard to make a record that sound something between 'Hot Fuss' and 'Sam's Town ' but sounds like a prequel of both. and is a bit confusing because Brandon tried to bring the very Nevada sound back as well. 'Here With Me stardust' and 'The Way It Was' makes the first part of the album better but the rest still weak.Faint lyrics, like in 'Here With Me', the band is lost and the singers makes a big effort like in 'Miss Atomic Bomb' all elements to almost sink the band's career. Apparently the singer was the only one on the mood to show what the band can do: powerful tracks sort of anthems.

But if you ran away the awful part of the album and finally reach the last 4 song you'll be amazed in how good the band sound when they want.'Heart of a Girl' is in their very own fantastic style and overshadows, easily, the hideous things you previously heard. 'From Here on Out' is like a Killers old good song it has the power and an incredible beat.And in 'Be Still' the band finally reached the sound of 'Hot Fuss' and sounds delicious. 'Battle Born' is also an amazing close to the album but is like a modernized version of the killers and perhaps a good introduction to new works.

What stitches the album together is the 1980's sound the nice songs and ugly songs have that in common. Keyboards and Synthesizers make the album very vintage. Songs thats sound like Journey as 'The Rising Tide' or very powerful beginnings but not explosive tunes like 'A Matter of Time'. The 'Sam's Town' and 'Sawdust' style are also in the album but not as stronger as they were like  the song 'Deadlines and Commitments' which is powerful with vocals but the band seem not to be participating .

This album could been a lot better if the bonus tracks were officially songs from the list and be there instead of the dreadful ones. The bonus tracks are amazing and very Killers, what the first 5-7 songs are missing. On the bright-side the very good tunes take over the horrible ones and make  the band still on the run.

To Listen: The Way It Was,Heart of a Girl,From Here on Out,Be Still,Carry Me Home(bonus),Prize Fighter(bonus)

Avoid: Flesh and Bone,Here With Me,Miss Atomic Bomb,A Matter of Time,

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