Sunday, 16 September 2012

Mirage Rock by Band of Horses

Rated: Music is my Radar

Perhaps Band Of Horses will never release an album that is a milestone but they never fail to deliver an album that is timeless and enjoyable from beginning to end.
"Mirage Rock" is an album with balance, everything calculated  in space and time  nothing shading anything.

The record has an good vintage vibe and is less ghostly than previous works, 'Knock Knock' is the perfect introduction for what to expect, found nice blend of instruments, great voice and 1990's-not-mainstream touches. Delicious guitars accompany whole album, especially in soft-slow songs like 'Shut-In Tourist' which is relaxing and a bit long but like 'Everything's Gonna Be Undone' the sound and softness of it makes it enjoyable. The guitar is amazing as well in tracks as 'How to Live' ,which exposes the vintage soul of the album, or the most fun and fast cheerful song 'Feud'. But the guitar is not the only good thing about it all instruments play massive tunes and are mixed with a beautiful voices such as the astonishing 'Slow Cruel Hands of Time' that has the ideal balance of everything.'Long Vows' also has a great voice and instruments.

Although all songs are very connected and on the same rock sound is astounding how the album is anything but boring. Twists and taking different roads that take you to the same place make the album very enjoyable and easy to love. 'Dumpster World' is an example of the twists that the record takes, it changes from slow to super fast so well and retakes the sound later without confusing. The album has switch-overs of more happy beats to balance to mildness of some tracks, 'A Little Biblical' and 'Electric Music' are so much entertainment to be true and the sound they have is incredible.A bit of Folk to  'Long Vows' and the weirdness of 'Heartbreak on the 101" make an album even more full of joy and pleasant.

So this album is a wonderful collection of good songs that will be underrated but always be in the sake of making great music and for enjoyment of people who will hear it. The band still got what make them unique and enjoyable.

Highlights: Electric Music,A Little Biblical,Slow Cruel Hands of Time

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