Sunday, 23 September 2012

¡Uno! by Green Day

Rated: A Kind of Magic

¡Uno! is obviously ,as the name indicates, the first album from a trilogy to be released in the 5five coming months. 

The band put aside the sound of the last 2 albums and recreated the sound of early works. The happiness and joy has make a massive comeback and shows why they are in the status they are. Good explosive fast punky tracks make the album really enjoyable and  surprises, like bits of rock-n-roll-y songs like 'Troublemaker' make it interesting. Voice and instruments are well balanced and attractive and with very own signature of green day in all songs. 

The only little  problem is that is the very high quality and there's a lack of rawness and almost sounding like Avril Lavigne or The Offspring in songs like 'Kill the DJ' or 'Let Yourself Go', but that doesn't make the songs that bad at all. Meticulousness plays a big part making the record really polish which takes off the 'appetite for destruction' of the band which is not really bad but little mistakes would been welcomed, is too nice sound. Sound a lot like Sex Pistols on really high definition so there is a absence of wildness, and is really needed but the good beats sorted it out.  

Although is what you expected from Green Day is a nice album that has the emotion from their 90's albums through the 00's vibes. 

To  Listen: Oh Love,Troublemaker,Let Yourself Go,Kill the DJ
To Avoid:Sweet 16

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