Sunday, 2 September 2012

Come of Age by The Vaccines

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction:

Probably this album came out too soon, and is just a repetition of their debut album but just far TOO MUCH polished. There's not something remarkable or astonishing on this aside that Justin Young sound drunker and they are now more like a Surfing version of the Kings of Leon's Come Around Sundown.

What was lovable from The Vaccines was the rawness and the unpolished tracks, but now they sound fancy and refined. There's also a lack of passion, like they did it just to have a laugh.Songs like 'No Hope' ,'Bad Mood' which has an horrible voice, ' All In Vain’, and the Mumford & Sons bad rip-off ‘I Always Knew are boring and repetitive. They also ripped of riffs from their first album in ‘Change Of Heart pt.2.’. And the sound of instruments doesn't save the record because crashes with the blurred voice, though is fine in 'Weirdo'. The way they put it together, the posh sound with the weak voice is very bad.

The album has songs/parts that meant to be more Pop, like 'Ghost Town' that sound very indie 'rock' sort of Arctic Monkeys but with bubblegum pop touches. There's also the hideous and lady gaga-ish ‘I Wish I Was A Girl’, that mention fashion labels, that's not what makes it Gaga ,it's the style and that's predictable.The Vaccines really tried to sound like a mix of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles and obliviously failed and what the album sounds like is like an awful mess of a dull Beady Eye tribute band and is very showed in  'Aftershave Ocean'. Probably a hard failed attempt,at any cost, to make something like what they did in 'What Did You Expect..'.

For an album full of 'Woah' and 'oohh' 's you expect something less boring but unfortunately there's a lot of boredom and this is an album that was made without commitment, is easy to notice it. This album doesn't even work for a b-sides album is very floppy and The Vaccines have some amazing b-sides.

Recommended: Teenage Icon, Weirdo
Not To Listen: Aftershave Ocean,All In Vain

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