Sunday, 23 September 2012

Babel by Mumford & Sons

Rated:A Kind of Magic

Second album from the band and is as charming as the first one.With just a few changes like voice a bit more rustic and music a bit more happier the band managed to stay true to their style is almost an accompaniment of first work.

The songs are more cheerful and partying, mostly, than in the first record and more showing of the voice but is not bad only in  'Reminder' which is really ugly. Happy folk-rock sounds created a really enjoyable album with interesting twists in songs like in 'Hopeless Wanderer' that turns more rock a grateful. Are bits in every track that make the album interesting and keep you entertained. The folky beats are beautifully seamed together to make nice songs and have the very own style of the band all over.

Although too much quiet songs,still in the partying mood, are on this album but are not in the same style of the first album,
here the songs are less 'dark' or heavy, and have more intriguing nuances.The softness in the songs like 'Ghosts That We Knew' is really beautiful and has the perfect harmony between voice and music. The difference in this album with the previous one is not to big but the fact that Mumford & Sons has improve and get some bit of surprises in every song shows that they have grown up.

Everything flows by in the record from the more cheerful songs to the slow ones and the sound is easy to identify with the band. A more mature sound but not style not forgotten shows how much the band really focus on making good music and please first their own ears and then fan's. And They keep that feral sound really good .

To Listen: Lover of the Light,Babel,I Will Wait,Ghosts That We Knew,Below My Feet
Avoid: Reminder

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