Sunday, 23 September 2012

Push and Shove by No Doubt

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction 

The long awaited album of No Doubt is here and is a bit disappointing. The album has some highlights but is weak and not what you expected.

When you think of the band working on the first album in 10 years you expect is really really good and also to be like they very unique ska-punk-rock sound of No Doubt but there's a lack of it and is very missed. 'Sparkle' is the only song that reminds you of the old good band they were,but the whole album is a bit more pop and very very a la Gwen Stefani solo works. The pop sound comes mostly from the music and not the voice seems like band were asked to make Gwen's voice brightly, she's there in almost all songs but the band is playing for her 3rd album maybe?. There's quiet too much pop influence on the album is almost a Katy Perry one (listen to 'Gravity' and 'Easy' to hear it) which is basically what you expect from Gwen and not from the band.

The band returns to where they left and there's little notes of their previous album but they modernized far too much the sound adding and electronic sound, to make it hip and to join the present but didn't blended well. The mix is good for a bubblegum pop album and would definitely  be a 10/10 if it where from a solo singer.On the bright side the album is not boring  , has it's very good moments but has not a no doubt signature.

Perhaps there's was too much pressure and the band choose to took the easy way and release a descent album and entertaining (meh) but is far too much from what you expected from No Doubt there's a lack of their unique sound a lot of 'what-will-hit-for-now'.

To Listen:Undone,Settle Down,Sparkle,Undone
Avoid: nothing really bad to put here just weak album 

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