Sunday, 28 October 2012

Spiderwebbed by STUMBLEINE

Rated:A Kind of Magic

Soft but heavy at the same time, incredible. This is the debut album from Stumbleine and is just a masterpiece of relaxing-dancing-trippy music.

A fantastic intro, first song, leads to what the album is going to be about, chilling dreamy melodies. This album makes you feel sleepy not because is boring but because has plenty of heavy relaxing sounds. Although there's no much lyrics the record is telling bedtime stories transporting to dreamland easily, which is almost that same effect sleeping drugs have.Tracks are gradually loosening one after other but in some points they surprise you to avoid that plain result.

The sounds compliment the few voices,coming from collaborations, impressively recreating something that is not new. Very hip lite dubstep is mixed with "tropical-jungle" beats and with vocals like poppy 1990's songs, hear 'Fade Into You', and also soft touches of electronic dance music. The album flows naturally nothing forced and is perceivable. Every sound is moderated, nothing out of control or overshadowing other 'instruments' and the voice becomes more like another thing on the song which works spectacular.

The way the album is blended to be modern but to make it through  the years is excellent, balance must be the key, a bit of everything but at the right moment and nothing boasting off. With electrifying tunes, soft melodies and a chilled style the album is like a nice gentle trip on train, everything on the same line and with moderated ups and downs and doesn't  fall into cliches so is not another one in the pile .

To Listen: Cherry Blossom, If You,Capulet, Fade Into You ft Steffaloo,Catherine Wheel ft Birds Of Passage, The Beat My Heart Skips ft CoMa  

Not Recommended: Kaleidoscope

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