Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Abbey Road Sessions By Kylie Minogue

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What a better way to celebrate anniversary, in the music industry, than doing an acoustic version of your hits recordered at the Abbey Road studios. Kylie celebrates her 25's with reworking her "best of" in an orchestral way.

As we are getting into the festive season the songs have also a warm and cheesy air of Christmas. Some tracks has been reworked for better ,like 'The Loco-motion' , others sound weird and a bit dumb, but always fun. The orchestra play very good symphony versions of the original bubblegum pop sound which is noticed that was a meticulous work because sounds brilliant and still feel very pop and familiar and also is different from Kylie's live acts.

Her voice is not perfect but she's given all she can and it is appreciated, in some songs the voice could sound weak and forced like the song is flowing well but suddenly you can hear a little bad note, not a big deal because most of the songs are well balanced in instruments and voice and also all the songs are slowest/lowest than the original version, so the voice is mainly controlled.

Although there are not really new songs, Flower was played in some of her tour dates , the feeling is that everything is new and gives a different view on Kylie, more relaxed and showing some versatility and thank Elvis Presley the album is like this and not a electronic mix we are tired of in charts, like her previous single to celebrate her anniversary as well , "Time Bomb". The delight comes from the flawless blend of pop and the magnificent orchestral arrangements,also Kylie has always a charming indescribable thing and has a more mature proper sound appropriated for her age, maybe (?).

To Listen: All the Lovers,Where the Wild Roses Grow,Flower,Can't Get You Out of My Head,Finer Feelings,The Loco-Motion.

Not to listen So Much: I Should Be So Lucky

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