Sunday, 9 June 2013

BE by Beady Eye

Rated: Mr. Personality 

Less eclectic than first album but with the same issues, BE is another album with not much to get interested it lacks identity and has plenty of confidence and nerve in a very ugly way.

To fair first album was not that bad and has many good moments because is not trying to resemble Oasis as much as this new album does, it was pretentious as well but it has its charm. Unfortunately this new album is too focused on Liam Gallagher and not in the same way 'Different Gear, Still Speeding' was this is more trying to get all attention on Liam's voice (Soul Love) and that he can still do Oasis and is a shame because music is mostly good but is always pointing to Liam and is monotonous. Many plain songs on the record but it progress , sometimes, to more dynamic tracks and those songs with little less length and sightly different style are  the songs who saved the album, although there's too much cheesiness.

BE is too close to last Oasis album,"Dig Out Your Soul",  which was modern but with a sound similar to Oasis' beginnings, and this album tries to hard to do that but the thing is it is not the same band and why don't follow the road the previous album had?.Liam said that this album should be like the follow up to "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" and  the song 'Come Tomorrow' does sound like that but is the only one interesting  and is confusing from a band that didn't wanted to be like Oasis at first, that is the biggest problem  in the album they are doing what they didn't wanted to do in the fist album, which was a mess but at least it had it's own style. The album sounds forced to be something it shouldn't be.

It is good to not repeat the same album but the only thing that connect both albums is the 60's vibe, which in this record it was very neglected and yet it sounds overworked. If it  wasn't for the ups and downs and the mix of fast and calm songs the album would be really dull but still need a wild fact and a explosion to make it attractive and less bleak.

Recommended: Second Bite Of The Apple, Soon Come Tomorrow,Start Anew
No So: Shine A Light, Flick Of The Finger

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