Sunday, 16 June 2013

Yeezus by Kanye West

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction 

Not fascinating but with some interesting pieces Kanye West is back with an album that sadly declines and becomes boring and predictable. The album had great expectations with all the hype surrounding it but for a little bit it is mind blowing ,how good the mix is, but it gets stuck and doesn't take much risks. There are a few nice refreshing twists and a few others ruined it.

Although there are not many surprises and the album is pretty much what you should expect from Kanye it does have a more grown up feeling and sometimes he looks back to modernize his style. The opening song  , 'On Sight',  is like the sequel of Kanye's 2008 single 'Stronger', not just because has Daft Punk working on it, as many others in the album,  but the sound is just a continuation and ,I think,  is sampling it as well. The album has a vibe of the underground music from 90's but just a vibe and does not sound like trying to imitate or to bring back the decade is more like a tribute, very likeable. The sound in general is like Battles -band- meets Kanye West's Graduation album in 2013, it might remind at moments to 'Watch the Throne ' as being more honest but in general the sound is very actual.

Kanye West is demonstrating, once again, that he can make hip music and do it great. The sound is what is in fashion but with Kanye touch and the result is good, it has a bit of dubstep  (New Slaves, I Am A God) but isn't that obvious is more Kanye West appropriating every genre the album has. Definitely this record is his more aggressive and dramatic record , with songs like 'Black Skinhead', which sounds like 90's Marylin Manson, the album tend to be more leaned to the rocky side rather than the hip-hop side of Kanye but still have the rap and pop that He has stylized his own way. The album is a mix of sounds that will not normally work so great but was worked effectively that everything is in harmony and have high powerful tracks as soften ones so is quite complete but what kills it is the kind of monotony that after a few songs it starts to get louder.

The album is so well done combining what could be annoying industrial sounds with pop sounds that are very present in charts.It has a certain attempt to create the future sound but fails because is nothing new, is just the right way to do what many are trying to 'create'. The album is fine ,mostly, but definitely is not transcendental, not meet the expectations that with so many great people working on and all the anticipation it could be so much better.

Recommended: Black Skinhead,Send It Up
Not so much: I'm In It, I Am A God

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