Monday, 3 June 2013

…Like Clockwork by Queens of the Stone Age

Rated: A Kind of Magic

What  I have always liked about Queens Of The Stone Age is the way how ease the music goes into your ears and take you to hard rock without being so suffocating, is a growing sound,this album has all that. It  takes a further step and is very dancefloor and catchy.

It depends how you feel about making something more commercial if you're going to like it or not, but this album has a very impressive thing: a lot of wonderful sounds united by the same theme. All the songs take the same path, gorgeous guitar riffs, a bit of glam,a 00's vibe but inspired by the 80's synth and electronic pop, could sound boring that the album is all the same but every note is surprising and remind of a great classic rock song, which probably this album will never be but is good and a delight to listen.

There's also a nice variety of happy and more melancholic songs. Perhaps is an overworked album because have many beats, and is feel soulless and is more what you expect  from chart music but it does sound like QOTSA, Josh Homme's voice is amazing and blends beautiful with the music ,although it take a bit to. The music is sweet and notes have an old school lovely air, is like listening to the 80's rock and glam remixed in the 00's, something a bit unique, even though at some songs it closely resembles  Bon Jovi ( The Smooth Sailing) ,Travis (Fairweather Friends), Blur (. …Like Clockwork) and even Pete Doherty (Kalopsia) but all in an american and sort of hard rock style

This elaborated album is not what you expected but it is also not far from that, a good move for an album, hope it doesn't stay like that in upcoming ones.Very well placed little surprises and twist complement the album to have variation and break the boredom that it could [hardly] have.It didn't took the cliche road an went for something more "dynamic" that still on same style of the band.

To Listen:  I Sat By The Ocean, I Appear Missing,The Vampyre of Time and Memory, If I Had A Tail,. …Like Clockwork

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