Sunday, 9 June 2013

Field of Reeds by These New Puritans

Rated: A Kind Of Magic 

Finally, the third album is showing a new side of the band and is a lovely effort.When someone mentioned or described These New Puritans 4-5 years ago this sound is what I used to imagine but it took a few years to reach .

Although two previous albums are fine is always good to progress and give something surprising and edgy which can be a success or a failure and this album is that, some may hate it some will like it. There a few elements spread that make the connection to the firsts albums. The record is more inclined to the jazz which is not something new from the band and can be comparable with The XX  but is more intriguing and causes a strange anxiety for more  action that could be a bit hard to find. 

Previous albums have been more though and industrial this new album is more delicate and trendy but it still have the band's essence with a little more heaviness, not in the sense of genre but in the mesmerising (weighty)  feeling that is almost like being drugged and sleepy but not in a bad way, is a over relaxation feeling. But yet at some points is far too much  and is actually  dizzy  which is a bit of a shame that there's not a twist that bring back dynamism  and that something so well made is used for too long  because is could turn boring. Thankfully but slowly  it does variates to more dance and more dramatic fun tunes and a constant harmony blended everything very well. 

The way These New Puritans shaped that magnificent entity into something that still as good as it was is a big achievement and pleasant .   "Field Of Reeds" is less rock-y and punk-y than previous work and basically the band just turned the volume to psychedelic and slow down the tempo. The experimentation still there but it sound less playful and goes straight to point they were looking for so there goes a little fun but is admirable the power it has how it is used. What make this album vulnerable is that there wasn't a transition between the last album  and this one so this one is all of a sudden but there lies its charm.

Recommend:Organ Eternal,Spiral,V (Island Song),Fragment Two

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