Monday, 3 June 2013

Don't Forget Who You Are by Miles Kane

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction 

Miles Kane second album is a nice follow up and has a more mature and stronger sound but is too messy, a bit pretentious, and for moments it fails into monotony and cheesiness.

It's impossible to not compare this album with other artists sound because is very influenced, or rather said the similarities are massive, (Out of Control) sound a lot like Oasis and 'Fire In My Heart' sound like a bad version of Adam Ficek mixed with Beady Eye. Miles attempt to equate Liam Gallagher's voice /You’re Gonna Get It) and like if he doesn't do that the song would be a failure. So there's no much essence of Miles Kane, maybe he needs to give direction to his influences and not just imitate them. There are bits of Kasabian (Darkness In Our Hearts), bits of The White Stripes mixed with My Chemical Romance (Tonight) and obviously Arctic Monkeys (Taking Over), if only all have a Miles Kane twist  the record would be better because it has everything to sound really good.

The music is powerful and more solid than previous album, old rock and roll vibes with bits of pop.The album sounds modern although it has many notes that are quite vintage kind of the same style of 'Colour of the Trap' but more mature. Even so,the album is a bit childish and arrogant, sounds pedantic at moments and is very hard to connect with it, but is entertaining goes fast without hurting so if only have less commercial fake cockiness and more devotion it would be charming.

 Conclusion: Not a bad album, respecting to music and entertainment, but fails to be unique, surprising and tasteful it is also a bit of a mess and really hard to feel empathic about it. It is a little too generic pop or for mass consumption, it lacks soul and spirit.

To listen: Taking Over, Better Than That,Out of Control,Give Up

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